clothskinningcoefficient.collisionsphereradius 碰撞球体半径

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摘要: clothskinningcoefficient.collisionsphereradius 碰撞球体半径varcollisionsphereradius: floatdescription描述definition of a sphere a vertex is not allowed to enter. this allows collision against the anim ...

clothskinningcoefficient.collisionsphereradius 碰撞球体半径

varcollisionsphereradius: float


definition of a sphere a vertex is not allowed to enter. this allows collision against the animated cloth.


the pair (collisionsphereradius, collisionspheredistance) define a sphere for each cloth vertex. the sphere's center is located at the position constrainposition - constrainnormal * (collisionsphereradius + collisionspheredistance) and its radius is collisionsphereradius, where constrainposition and constrainnormal are the vertex positions and normals generated by the meshrender" target="_blank" class="relatedlink">skinnedmeshrenderer. the skinnedcloth makes sure that the cloth vertex does not enter this sphere. as a typical usecase, set collisionspheredistance to zero and collisionsphereradius to a large value w.r.t. the triangle size. in this setup, the cloth collides against the skinned mesh. default: 0.5 range: [0,inf)

这两个(collisionsphereradius, collisionspheredistance) 定义每个布料顶点的一个球体。该球体的中心是位于位置 constrainposition - constrainnormal * (collisionsphereradius + collisionspheredistance) 并且它的半径是collisionsphereradius,其中constrainposition和constrainnormal是顶点位置和由skinnedmeshrenderer生成的法线。skinnedcloth确保布料顶点不进入这个球体。作为一个典型的用例,设置collisionspheredistance为0和collisionsphereradius一个大值 w.r.t.。t是三角形大小。在这个设置,布料反向碰撞蒙皮网格。默认:0.5 范围:[0,inf]